Student's Field Placement/Internship

CAA in association with its linked resource centres offers a unique field work opportunity for national and international students (graduate, masters and doctoral studies in social work, development and related subjects).

Placements ranging from three to six months will be based from one of the Community Aid Alliance linked NGOs across India and will include direct and ongoing interaction with the communities covering any or all of the seven focus areas of Community Aid Alliance:
Sustainable Livelihoods,
Youth and Women Leadership,
Indigenous Peoples Rights,
Natural Resource Management,
Alternative Healthcare/Mental Health
Vocational Education
Climate Change Education/Adaptation Projects

Interested Institutions and Universities may contact for details.


Interns will be involved in the day to day running of Community Aid Alliances resource centers including marketing, communication, research, documentation, administration, idea generation and teaching (dependent on skills of volunteers). If interested, please send your resume (CV) with a cover letter explaining what you could contribute to the Community Aid Alliance (CAA) placement. Please include two referees and their contact details (name, relation to you and contact number / email) to

"Now that things have calmed down for me I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your supervision. I really enjoyed the conversations we had and felt that we could really analyse critically every aspect of NGOs and India and I found that very satisfying. Your experience and intelligence are an incredible asset for students, but your capacity to be realistic, non romantic and detached in good, compassionate way made you a really great supervisor for me. Thank you. I really needed to see that balance modeled as I have felt over stretched in my work for sometime. You are able to embrace the complexity of social work without being at all jaded but rather, still excited by it. In short, you make me feel like I can do good things in this world but on terms that suite me and are therefore sustainable. I reflect that purity and idealism can lead to blindness and burnout. That endless analysis can make you cynical and impotent. That in a less inflated way, good work can be done in an imperfect world. Thanks again for the fantastic experience in India."
Paul Lum, Student, Griffnth University, Australia