Dr Brian Hobbs Fellowship for Community Leadership


The main objective of the Fellowship program is to take the youth (preferably youth from resource poor communities) through a process of sensitivity building, skills development and motivate them to get involved in constructive activities, social action, and enterprise development for the process of social transformation. Some funding and non-funding assistance is necessary for the promotion of the above processes.


To promote, encourage and support selected youth from a disadvantaged communities for full time involvement in activities of social development and/or economic self reliance.


The educational background, experience in the field etc may be considered while sanctioning the fellowship amount. The sanctioned amount of fellowships will be reviewed during the six monthly reviews.The maximum amount for a candidate shall not be more than INR 3000 per month.


The fellowship shall be given for a maximum period of two years.

Training inputs

The aim of the fellowship is capacity building of the fellow to work in social development, hence training and HRD is a very important component in the policy.

The centre coordinator shall regularly be in touch with the fellow (mentoring) and shall assess and respond to the training needs of the fellows. The national coordinator shall be in regular touch with them to address to their professional growth needs.

Formal training, need assessment sessions and training programmes shall be organised as per the need. The fellows shall also be motivated and supported to attend the training programmes organised by various agencies. Training material/ magazines etc., shall be circulated to the fellows.

Special efforts shall be taken to improve the fellows on:

  • Project management
  • Team building
  • Organisational development
  • Planning
  • Financial management
  • Documentation
  • Social analysis and critical understanding of issues etc.
  • Public speaking and communication skills.

Efforts shall be made to help fellows to get in touch with other funding sources/networking agencies and to help them mobilise resources for sustainability of the work that they do.