Community Aid Alliance

Community Aid Alliance (CAA) is a collective of individuals and groups in India, Australia and else where who together work with and offer support for Community Based Organisations towards sustainable development.


Community Aid Alliance has specific focus areas: sustainable livelihoods, natural resource management, healthcare, need based education and climate change education and adaptation.


Community Aid Alliance has launched an initiative called Linking and Learning to promote the exchange between India and Australia of best practices and ideas in community development. Linking and Learning provides opportunities for public involvement through internships, study tours, volunteering, fundraising and joining the Community Aid Alliance support groups.


The Community Aid Alliance team needs your support in improving the lives of some of the poorest people such as tribal, dalit and fisher-folk in southern and eastern India, and there are a number of ways for you to get involved. The Linking and Learning program offers unique opportunities to see the effective community work in villages through study tours as well as volunteer placements . Community Aid Alliance also raises funds to maintain projects and create new projects and also welcomes donations.

" I went on a Community Aid Alliance study tour in Eastern India. We visited tribal communities in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa and during meetings with the local people we were able to see the life-changing effect of community development on the villages. I learned so much about the real side of India and the benefits of as well as the challenges facing this kind of work and I feel extremely lucky that I have experienced this. "
Claire Salvetti, PR Director, Sydney, Australia

Dominic D'Souza

Facilitator, India

Liz Hobbs

Facililator, Australia

Tony Lisle

Facililator, Soth East Asia

Augustine Ullatil

Program Coordinator

Focus Areas/Activities

Linking And Learning