Study Tour

Through its Linking and Learning program, Community Aid Alliance takes you to the heart of India and community development practices with field visits to its affiliated communities and project sites.

Having run study tours for 25 years, the Community Aid Alliance team can provide a unique experience of India and the community development projects and processes it works with.

A study tour is also a wonderful way of getting to the centre of Indian culture. No amount of backpacking or tourist travel will offer such a deep insight into the country, its people and the issues they are facing. Some people are looking for more from a holiday  to learn about global issues such as climate change from the perspective of the marginalised, to contribute to social change or to experience a different perspective. Whatever the reason, a study tour is bound to have an impact on participants life and work by having access to and contact with rural communities.

The Community Aid Alliance team knows that it is important to understand exactly how donations are utilised and there is no better way than to see the impact of donations with your own eyes.

Sample study tour

Ive been on several study tours to India over 20 years and each time been hosted and diligently led by Mr Ullatil, who has looked after our every need and provided a fascinating program of community visits for us. On the menu were home stays in small villages where their associated local NGOs work closely with womens groups, farmers, artisans and youth; lectures by eminent workers in the field of community development; day tours to agricultural research facilities, and of course some time out for reflection and to take in important cultural museums and landmarks.

For someone wanting to learn more amount this fascinating country I couldnt recommend more highly a trip with Community Aid Alliance. This alliance of NGOs has decades of experience in hosting small groups of people wanting to explore and discuss the issues of aid, community development, and relationships between grass roots organisations in different parts of the world. Jenny Pender,

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