Student's Field Placement

CAA in association with its linked resource centres offers a unique field work opportunity for national and international students (graduate, masters and doctoral studies in social work, development and related subjects).
Placements ranging from three to six months will be based from one of the Community Aid Alliance resource centres across India and will include direct and ongoing interaction with the communities covering any or all of the seven focus areas of Community Aid Alliance:
Sustainable Livelihoods,
Youth and Women Leadership,
Indigenous Rights,
Natural Resource Management,
Alternative Healthcare,
Vocational Education and
Decentralized Energy Options.
Interested Institutions and Universities may contact for details.

An experience like no other


Bursting with excitement, anxiety, apprehension, and anticipation, social work student Michelle Dang was set to embark on a dream opportunity - a unique international placement experience working with tribal communities in rural India. Joined by four other social work students, Michelle travelled to India in July 2009 to begin a 15-week field education placement as part of her final-year studies in the Bachelor of Social Work.


Based in North Andra Pradesh, the students teamed up with local community aid organisation, Laya, to assist Indigenous tribal people to engage in community development projects such as creating sustainability, and alienation and human rights, decentralized energy options and climate change.


Michelle said the placement experience exceeded all expectations.


"My time in India was a rich and meaningful journey enhanced my personal and professional development and I feel I have gained more self-confidence as an emerging practitioner.


"My values, beliefs and assumptions were challenged, and I've learnt to appreciate and value difference," Michelle said-.


"Sharing stories, and engaging with Adivasii communities in a dialogue about their concerns, issues and aspirations was a highlight of my experience, and it reinvigorated my commitment to working in solidarity with the poor and marginalized.


School of Social Work and Human Services Field Education Unit Manager Mark Cleaver said the experience of working at the grass roots level with the Adivasi communities provided an opportunity for self-discovery for all live students.


"The placement provided a chance for critical reflection on social work and community work practice in a truly international setting. At of which is fundamental learning for good social work practice," Mr Cleaver said.


"We are thrilled to offer such an exciting and enriching educational experience for our students.


"An international placement such as this provides our final-year students with a whole. New perspective on practicing social work - it is a wonderful component of our program.


Due to the success of the placement in India, it is anticipated the School of Sobel Work and Human Services will continue to provide further international opportunities for field placements in India in the future.


- Mark Cleaver, University of Queensland, Australia