Core Group - India

The Core Group - India of Community Aid Alliance have a long history of working in partnership with the erstwhile Community Aid Abroad Australia and working directly with community based groups. They have constituted a board that provides a democratic decision making and program review process with regards to programs ensuring accountability and transparency, and act as a source of informed advice and support for linked resource centres and staff.

Core Group - India

  • Dominic DSouza, Mentor, National Youth Foundation, Bangalore, Karnataka

Started his career in professional social work education and then was involved in the promotion of tribal development in Northern Andhra Pradesh. He has done a stint in a development support organisation relating to NGOs and CBOs all over India. Also involved the governance of a number of NGOs and currently executive committee member of Asia South Pacific Association of Basic Education (ASPBAE)

  • C.K. (Bablu) Ganguly, Timbuktu Collective, Chenakotapalli, Anantpur District

Bablu is a green activist rooted in the community and pioneered revegetation of more than 20,000 hectares of arid common lands with community involvement. He is an exponent of permaculture and a promoter of organic farming. He is also a theatre person involved in promoting folk culture as medium for social change.

  • Ganshyam, Executive Director, Judav, Madhupur, Jharkhand;

Ganshyam began his social involvement as a student activist in the mid-70s. He has developed skills in mass mobilisation and promoting peoples struggles against displacement due to extractive industries. His other area of involvement is safeguarding human rights, and tribal identity.

  • K. Krishnan, Executive Director, Foundation for Sustainable Development, Ambur, Tamil Nadu;

Krishnan's main area of involvement has been in promoting rights of tribal communities in south India. He was the executive director, Irula Tribal Women Welfare Association (ITWWS), Chenglelpet. He has vast experience in community based disaster management and herbal medicine. He is also convenor, South India Adivasi Solidarity Council.

  • Nafisa Goga D'Souza, Convener, Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC), Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh;

Formerly faculty member, College of Social Work, Bombay University and founder member of Laya, Nafisa is member of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Working Group on Ethics of Climate Change; and currently also the Board member of Global Campaign on Climate Action (GCCA). Nafisas main concern has been to put the community voices in the policy choices at the national and global level.

  • Minati Padhi

Minati a is grassroots level activist and a youth trainer. She has 25 years of experience in tribal community development. She is a founder member of Institute for Women's Development in Orissa. Minati is a resource person and trainer for community leadership and rural entrepreneurship and Gender equity.

  • Satish Girija, Executive Director, Nav Bharat Jagruti Kendra (NBJK), Hazaribagh, Jharkhand;

Satish is by training a mechanical engineer, who has opted to live at community level inspired by Gandhian values and ideals. He has empowered in collaboration with his colleagues thousands of marginalised rural poor in the remote areas of Bihar and Jharkhand states. He is the convenor of Lok Samiti, a peoples organisation, advocating participation in local governance and access to their entitlements.

  • Walter Mendoza, Development Consultant, Centre for Education and Documentation (CED), Mumbai, Maharashtra;

Coming from a management background Walter has become an advocate of alternatives lifestyles for sustainable development after living and working among marginalised communities. He is the co-author of The Long and Winding Road A Backgrounder on NGOs and Peoples Movements and also the editor of ecoethic a quarterly magazine of INECC.

  • Augustine Ullatil, Co-ordinator, Community Aid Alliance (Community Aid Alliance), Bangalore, Karnataka.

Augustine lived and worked with tribal communities in South Orissa in the 80s. He joined Community Aid Abroad, Australia and worked as field representative for 2 decades. During his tenure as a field representative, he facilitated the emergence of a number of CBOs and womens self-help federations in partnership with local NGOs. His area of interest is in promoting community based organisations.